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Attorney Referral

I have been practicing law for 20 years. Whether as a military attorney or a private practitioner, my areas of practice have included personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and criminal defense. We currently handle cases throughout the state of Arizona and across the country. In 2010, I spent three weeks at the Trial Lawyers College™ in Dubois, Wyoming with Gerry Spence. Subsequently, I decided to devote my full attention and practice to representing the people in cases against the big insurance industry. In that vein, I chose to open The Russell’s Law Firm, PLC and focus our practice on just that, representing the people. For a more detailed description of our practice areas, please see “Cases We Handle” in our navigation menu above.

I would like to develop a referral relationship with you. I pride myself on making sure your experience when you refer us a case is a positive one, as I know you put your reputation on the line when you refer us a case.

If you would like to discuss this idea more, either give me a call or let’s set up a lunch meeting. I have enclosed some promotional material for your information and future reference. I look forward to a rewarding business relationship.

I am an attorney and have been on the other side of cases tried by Chris Russell. He is consistent in his professionalism, his dedication to his clients, and his pursuit of justice.

He commands an exceptional understanding of both the civil and criminal legal systems and their processes and employs that knowledge to the benefit of those who are intelligent enough to retain him. He is fair and evenhanded in his dealings with opposing attorneys, making him a respected opponent throughout the country.

The manner by which he conducts himself and the method by which he applies his skills and craft in a case demonstrate that he epitomizes the calling of all attorneys to tirelessly, ethically, and vigorously advocate for the interest of their client.

I strongly recommend Chris Russell and The Russell’s Law Firm, PLC to those in need of a serious injury, wrongful death or criminal defense attorney.

David Steinfeld



As the referring firm, your fee is 1/3 of our 1/3 fee, in accordance with Rule 1.5 RPC AZ, GA, ID, WA Bar Rules.


D. Christopher Russell

How To Refer Us a Case

Call our office at (520-458-7246) and let the receptionist know that you are “referring a new case”. Tracy Laird supervises all intakes. Either Ms. Laird or one of our other intake specialists will spend a few minutes gathering information about the case from you, which will then be relayed directly to Chris Russell, the managing member of our firm, for evaluation.

If Chris accepts the case, he will direct one of our intake specialists to visit with the client at a location of their choosing, usually on the same day, to complete the necessary paperwork. Ms. Laird is even available on evenings and weekends. Mr. Russell is also available to meet with new clients at our office or another location if necessary.



Sandra Finch


Signed Contract

You will sign our contract with the client, which secures your referral fee

We Obtain Signatures

We will send our new case specialist to the client’s home or to your office to sign up the case-during business hours, at night, or even weekends



We will handle your case with detail, efficiency, and professionalism



You will receive a copy of our demand letter to the insurance company when it is sent

Frequent Updates

You will be regularly informed of the status of your referral throughout the entire case

Settlement Results

You will sign the settlement statement, which shows you exactly what the case settled for. You will be thrilled with our results

Immediate Payment

You will receive a check immediately after the settlement disbursements are made

Chris and Sandy stand out as being exceptionally organized and professional lawyers. I look for people who know the law well, and are capable of getting things done on time – these guys do both. They are both excellent writers who understand how the system works, and what needs to be done.

What stands out about this law firm, however, is that the Russells genuinely care about their clients and cases. This isn’t just something they do to make money. I’ve seen both of them agonize over how to best help their clients, and it’s obvious that helping others is this law firm’s salient goal.

These are wonderful lawyers, and even better human beings – could not recommend them more strenuously.

Leslie J.